BIOL 4001: Field Botany


Plant Profiles

Assignment Description

Collection packet:

Each student is to collect, press, dry and mount samples of all of the trees and shrubs presented in the course listed in the Excel file on BB course documents, except for those that are highlighted in yellow in the excel file.  This collection is to be presented for grading at the time of the final exam.  The grade on the collection will be based on completeness, accuracy and general neatness and quality of presentation.  Directions for preparing the plant material for the collection will be posted inside and outside of the “open lab.”


Required drawings of the leaves, branches and habit of the yellow highlighted plants. Images from the internet are not an acceptable substitute.

Assignment Due Dates

  • Collection packet us due at the start of the exam on Tuesday, July 12th.   
  • Late submission will affect your grade. You may submit it early.
  • The submission is in person.

Discussion Board

  • Post questions relating to the quizzes
  • Post images and questions for help with identification.
  • Reply to classmates and help with identification as practice.
  • Check for botany resource links and post any you find. The instructors will verify whether the resouce is good to use.


Quizzes will be based on the topics of the readings for the week they are given.

Final Exam

  • Each student will take a multiple-choice final exam on image identification of the 60 plants in the collection packet plus the 10 annuals on the list.
  • The exam will have live plants for you to identify.
  • Exam is in person in room 2227IH on Tuesday, July 12th.